Phone Grip Strap Finger Loop Holder for Hand – Cell Phone Strap for Back of Phone Compatible for Most iPhone, Smartphones, and Tablet Case


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(as of May 17, 2024 23:44:47 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Phone strap phone handle cell phonePhone strap phone handle cell phone


goStrap Features


From your hand to your pocket in under a second, goStrap’s slim profile ensures it’s never in your way.

Hand Stitched

Knockoff goStrap’s use glue that comes undone at temperatures as low as 101° F. goStrap is hand-stitched into the holder to ensure that your phone is never dropped.


Stop trying to hold knobs with your knuckles, causing damage to your tendons. goStrap is as natural as placing your hand behind your phone.

Near-universal adaptability

goStrap can be placed on near any device and case out there, so don’t concern yourself on whether or not it will work. It doesn’t play nice with silicon, or waterproof surfaces.

goStrap Advantages

create your lifestylecreate your lifestyle

built to lastbuilt to last



We see it every day nobody wants to put their mobile devices away! We carry them everywhere and at all times! And while doing so with the same hand that is trying to juggle drinks, books, luggage, baby strollers, umbrellas, other mobile devices, and more!… Which leads to…you guessed it…more drops! goStrap allows you to reclaim the use of your “device hand” so that you can confidently maintain control of your mobile device while multitasking and it’s also compatible with your magnetic car phone mount


Whether you’re in the car, drinking your coffee or corralling your kids for yet another errand, you can keep your phone in your hand, while your hand tends to more important matters. Whether you’re looking for a handle for your phone, or are tired of the insecurity of popsockets, a goStrap is the next step of evolution in cell phone accessories.

Strong Grip

goStrap prevents drops!

As they have become ever more important, we have lost the use of one hand, reserved for our swiping and tapping needs. goStrap conquers this technological reservation with a simple product, crafted with high-quality materials, that gives you the use of your hand back

Additionally, goStrap is a great companion to any existing flat-surfaced case comprising any material other than Silicon, which by design, is a non-stick material. goStrap will NOT adhere to leather or rugged cases.

Universal 2 in 1 Grip Strap: use in hand and in your magnet car phone mount holder stop Dropping your Mobile Devices, Including Phones, Tablets, and E-readers. Tandem Use with a Compatible Phone Case Is Recommended for All Glass-back Devices.
Easy to Use: Reclaim The Use of Your Hand for Multitasking While Ably Holding a Drink, Suitcase, Shopping Bag, Umbrella or Stroller. Perfect for When Hands Are Full while carrying Children, Groceries, Boxes, wallet or keys.
Ergonomic Design: Your Cellphone Can Also Be Kept Secure on Your Hand and in the magnet car phone holder. Our Ergonomic Design Eliminates Constant, Mindful and Strenuous Clutching of Mobile Devices to Improve Hand Health and Peace of Mind.
Various Applications: goStrap Phone Strap Holder for Hand is Perfect for Many Occasions Like in you car, Jogging, Taking a Walk, or Taking a Selfie, and Allows You to Use Your Smartphone with Only one Hand Without Worrying About Dropping.
Use Directions: For use with Any Handheld Mobile Device or Compatible Aftermarket Case. Tandem Use of Case Is Recommended for us with all All Glass-back Phones. (Will Not Adhere to Silicone)

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