SunTouch ConnectPlus Programmable, Smart Thermostat for Electric Floor Heating with Home Automation

Price: $196.43
(as of May 22, 2024 17:28:53 UTC – Details)

This SunTouch ConnectPlus is an industry leading thermostat that gives homeowners access to their floor heating remotely. The ability to connect this control to a home Wi-Fi system opens up features such as automatic clock setting, current outdoor temperature reading, weather compensation and warm weather shut-down. Home automation compatibility with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google. A homeowner can program this control through the Watts Home app and change settings based on a flexing schedule. Other features include energy usage monitoring, a help feature, email/text notifications, portrait and landscape mounting, away terminal features, 915MHz technology for wireless connectivity to optional equipment (SunStat Relay R4 and ConnectPlus Smart Sensor), second stage heat output, voltage level detector, ammeter, diagnostic screen, momentary test and a three year warranty. The modern, sleek design and smart applications add a modern touch to any home.
This Wi-Fi smart home thermostat enables you to set your clock, read outdoor temperatures, automate temperature control, and program remotely through the Watts Home mobile app which is available for iOS and Android devices
Smart home compatible with Amazon Alexa and Hey Google for home automation voice control and you can enable remote software updates
It has a modern and sleek design; a 4.3 inch digital touchscreen display; three home screen options: clock, control settings, or weather; and portrait and landscape mounting options.
This floor heating thermostat can compensate for outdoor weather conditions, auto shut-off for warm weather temperatures, and there is also a maximum floor temperature setting to protect different types of flooring
Track your energy use, receive email/text notifications, and access away terminal features at home or remotely as a well as connect to optional equipment: SunStat Rely R4 and ConnectPlus Smart Sensor
There are multiple support and data features such as heat output, a voltage detector, momentary testing, a diagnostic screen, an easy set up function, a help feature, and works with 120 and 240 voltage.

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