TOMUM EMF Shield Sleeve for Cell Phone – EMF Protection Smartphone Pouch – Anti EMP Bag – Signal Blocking Case for Radiation EMF EMP 5G RFID (Blue)


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Product Description

EMF Sleeve Shield EMF Sleeve Shield

emf sleeve for cellphoneemf sleeve for cellphone

silver interior liningsilver interior lining

Enjoy effective EMF-protection with our stylish phone pouches, each designed with sleek, protective material that lessens your exposure to harmful electromagnetic signals.

Made of durable cloth lined with anti-radiation material Fits most smartphone brands and accessories Sleek, unisex design Easy to seal with the drawstring opening

Tomum EMF-Blocking Phone Shield

Advanced EMF Protection That Works

Too many low-frequency emissions from our electronic devices can cause danger in so many ways, from irritating your skin to disrupting your body’s natural functions. With advanced EMF protection technology, you can minimize daily exposure to harmful electric fields without needing to disconnect from your phone. Our EMF-blocking phone pouches even come with stylish designs and plenty of space for you to keep credit cards, keys, and all your favorite phone accessories all in one place.

Reduces EMF exposure up to 80% Isolates your phone from unnecessary WiFi and bluetooth signals Actively protects devices from remote hacking Allows texts and calls to go through

anti-radiation reduce unwanted signals remote RFID hackinganti-radiation reduce unwanted signals remote RFID hacking


maximum protectionmaximum protection

maximized storagemaximized storage

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4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars

4.7 out of 5 stars


$15.99$15.99 $15.99$15.99 $15.99$15.99

Black Blue Grey

Constructed with 100% Protective Silver

Reduces EMF Radiation by up to 80%

8 x 4 inches 8 x 4 inches 8 x 4 inches

Fits most smartphones

Phone damage protection

Anti-RFID Hacking

Blocks unwanted signals

Tight-seal drawstring closure

Unisex Design

Ultimate Protection from EMF Radiation: The Tomum EMF Protection interior is constructed with a high-purity silver composition, offering superior efficacy in shielding against EMF radiation generated by other devices and providing users with a reduction of up to 80% in EMF exposure.
Secure Signal Reducing: Tomum EMF Protection isolates your phone from surrounding electromagnetic noise, reducing incoming/outgoing signals, including WiFi (2.4/5GHz), RFID, Bluetooth, Cell Signals, GPS, and radio signals by 60-80dB. (You will still be able to receive phone call and text messages)
Universal Phone Bag for All Sizes: Tomum EMF Protection is designed to accommodate a variety of cell phone sizes, measuring 8″ x 4″ and equipped with a drawstring closure, provides a secure fit for popular models like iPhone 15 Pro Max and Samsung Galaxy S23 Series.
Mitigate Potential Health Concerns: With its EMF-reducing composition, it effectively alleviates potential health issues associated with prolonged exposure to EMF radiation, offering individuals a reliable solution to mitigate concerns about the impact of EMF radiation on their well-being.
How to Test its Effectiveness: In order to evaluate EMF radiation, employ a reliable method by using an EMF meter to compare RF and microwave emissions for both inside and outside of the bag, thereby ensuring a thorough assessment of its effectiveness in mitigating EMF exposure.

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