7 Piece Manicure Kit for Women & Men – Nail Care Kit Includes Cuticle Scissors, Pusher & Trimmer, Birchwood Stick, Nail Clippers, Sapphire Nail File, 3-Way Buffer, Storage Bag – Color/Style May Vary


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Onyx Professional offers salon quality nail files and other nail care products. Onyx nail files are made from quality materials that won’t damage your nails. Don’t sacrifice fun and style when you can have both from Onyx Professional nail tools.

Who needs a professional salon when you can have a salon quality manicure at home with products from Onyx Professional.

Onyx Professional offers salon quality nail and hand care products such as files, clippers, cuticle tools, masks, serums and more. Trust the nail and hand care experts to give you beautiful results.

Onyx Professional 7-piece manicure kit Is the perfect addition to any nail care routine to keep your cuticles and nails looking clean and healthy. Includes Cuticle Scissors, Cuticle Pusher, Cuticle Trimmer, Birchwood Stick, Nail Clippers, Sapphire Nail File, 3-Way Buffer, and stylish storage bag
3-Way Buffer will smooth, buff, and polish nails to an amazing natural shine so nails are left looking healthy and clean. Manicure Stick can be used to correct smudges, push back cuticles, or remove cuticles all together.
Nail Cuticle Trimmer is the perfect solution to clean up any ragged edges or excess cuticles for an even healthier looking nail bed. Cuticle Scissors remove unwanted dead dry skin hanging around your nails and easily trims hangnails and overgrown cuticles without damaging your nail beds.
Cuticle Pusher is great for gently pushing back cuticles without causing any damage to the nail surface. Nail Clippers will trim nails smoothly, safely, and quickly without pulling or tearing so that you are free to clip away until your desired shape is achieved.
Zippered Storage Bag is stylish, made from durable canvas and the perfect solution to storing your manicure set.

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