Eve Door & Window (Matter) – Smart Contact Sensor for Doors & Windows, Open/Closed State, Automatic Control of Accessories, Matter Over Thread, Apple Home, Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings


Price: $39.95 - $35.38
(as of May 27, 2024 11:49:17 UTC – Details)

Know the status of your door or window. See the open/closed state at glance, create automations to control other connected devices throughout your home, and receive activity notifications. With Eve Door & Window, enjoy cutting-edge convenience and everyday peace of mind. Eve Door & Window features future-proof technology with Matter, cutting-edge Thread networking, and no tracking whatsoever – for a universal and rock-solid smart home that honors your privacy. Eve Door & Window offers outstanding ease of use and advanced security. Let your entire family monitor your home, no matter if they use an iPhone, Android device, Alexa-enabled smart speaker, Google Assistant, or Siri. Eve Motion is quick & easy to set up in just a few steps using the app or voice assistant of your favorite platform. The only other thing you need is a matching hub of the platform(s) of your choice. And the best thing about all Eve accessories is how they protect your privacy: Eve will never access, store, or process your personal data and there is no Eve cloud or bridge, so you can always rely on being covered by the privacy frameworks set and enforced by the platform of your choice.
Check your door or window: See the current open/closed state at a glance. Create automations to control other connected devices in your home whenever doors or windows are opened or closed (available on selected platforms).
Receive activity notifications (available on selected platforms); Review time and duration statistics to make smarter choices in the Eve app for iOS
Matter-enabled to let you seamlessly monitor your home across smartphones and voice assistants of all major platforms. Cutting-edge Thread network technology for a robust smart home.
100% Privacy: No Eve cloud, no registration, no tracking. Local communication without cloud dependency.
Eve Door & Window requires iOS/iPadOS 16.4 (or later) or Android 8.1 (or later) plus a hub of your chosen platform: Apple Home: Apple TV 4K (2nd gen / 3rd gen 128 GB), HomePod (2nd gen), HomePod mini / Samsung SmartThings: SmartThings Hub v3 / Amazon Alexa: Echo (4th gen), Echo Hub, Echo Plus (2nd gen), Echo Show 8 (3rd gen), Echo Show 10 (3rd gen), Echo Studio, eero 6 / 6+ / Pro 6 / Pro 6E / Max 7 / Google Home: Nest Hub (2nd gen), Nest Hub Max, Nest Wifi, Nest Wifi Pro

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