Mobile Phone PUBG Game Controller L1R1 Shoot and Aim Trigger Joystick Ergonomic Gamepad for PUBG Mobile/Knives Out,Phone Gaming Controller for 4.7”- 7.0” Android & iOS (H6)


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Too Goods PUBG MOBILE Gamepad Phone Controller Hand Grip Trigger Game Fire Aim Key

【GAMEPAD +TRIGGERS】: This Gamepad is ergonomically designed for a better viewing and handling, allowing you to play on your phone for long time without straining your hands and wrists. The high-density conductive rubber and the alloy buttons ensure speedy and sensitive response.You can play with 4 fingers,moving when firing. It is much easier to aim and shoot the target.

【EASY OPERATION】: The shooting and aiming buttons of the mobile game trigger are precise and sensitive, easy to use, and can be installed without tools or drivers in a few seconds. Simply set the shooting and target buttons under the touchpad on the Customize page, save the settings and start the game and you will be the winner of the game.

【SUPPORTED DEVICES & GAMES】: Compatible with different sizes of touch-screen smart phones. Such as for IOS / for Samsung /for Lumia /for Huawe /for Nokia /for HTC etc. As long as the phone which length is within 7.0 inch. Games:such as for mobile game/ for Rules of Survival/ for Survivor Royale / for Knives Out / for PUBG as long as the game allows customizing and draging the keys.

Enhance hand comfort, the round shooting game makes your hands no longer sore.
Gaming Experience Improvement – Help with gaming operation more flexible.
Made of high quality material, ergonomic design, very durable
Flexibility, precision, comfort, easy to control.
The 2 fire and aim button key can be flipped


1. Start your game, and clicks the Settings-Control-Customize;
2. Move the “FIRE” button to the top of left corner;
3. Move the “AIM” button to the top of right corner;
4. Adjust the shoot and aim buttons under the touchpad,of the cell phone game controller;
5. “Save” your settings;

【Game Controller Design】Our gamepad have two adjustable triggers on the top, mechanical button made of conductive silicone and zinc alloy that triggers no delay. The handle whole body is made of high quality ABS material, which is sturdy and lightweight.
【Improve Your Game Level】Perfect four-finger operation. In the game, the two trigger on the top of the handle is responsible for aiming and shooting. You can quickly open the aiming magnifier and then shoot the enemy while moving and aiming. These four actions can be completed in one instant. You only need to practice a few times to adapt to this mobile game handle, you will find that the shooting game will become so easy, you can also become a game master.
【Best Assistant for Shooting Games】Very easy to use and install. You can use it for almost any PvP, FPS type shooter, as long as you can customize the keys icons in the game to fit the trigger. It is especially suitable for PUBG mobile phone shooter games.
【Supported Mobile Devices】This mobile game controller is compatible with almost all large screen smartphones. Stretchable handle body, maximum stretch length left and right: 172 MM/6.77 inch. The supported phone size is 4.7-7.0 inch screen, and the supported phone thickness is 10.5 MM/0.41 inch (recommended to remove the phone protection case before installing the controller).
【Ideal for Mobile Shooting Games】For PUBG/ Critical Ops/ Rules of Survival/ Knives Out/ CrossFire/ Survivor Royale/ Terminator 2 Judgment Day, etc., as long as the game settings are allowed to customize the position of the button keys.

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