hair spray bottle, ultra-fine spray continuous spray bottle (200ml/6.8oz), used for hair design, vegetation, cleaning, hair care and skin care – empty, reusable (Purple)


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Product Description


Important Note:

When using it for the first time or not for a long time, please press the trigger several times continuously to fill the pump with water.If the spray bottle is blocked, try adding diluted vinegar to remove the blockage.Continuous and fast pressing can get a spray lasting for 2-3 seconds, and slow pressing can get an immediately stopped spray.The pump is pressurized to spray spray continuously. When the pressure is completely released, it will stop spraying. Some buyers misunderstand the meaning of “continuous” and it will not spray forever.


Product Specification

Material: PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)

Size: 7.87 × 2.36inch (20 × 6cm)

Volume: 6.8oz/200ml





Beauty spray bottle: a nozzle with a diameter of 0.3mm is used to spray ultra-thin water mist. It can provide a wider and farther fine fog spray, so that the fine fog can spread everywhere faster.
Stable and continuous spray: spray bottle adopts new and powerful pre compression technology to effectively improve the spray time, and the spray time can reach 2-3 seconds after pressing the trigger quickly and continuously. The spray has a constant and stable output and is evenly distributed from the first drop to the last drop.
Wide use: This multi-purpose empty spray bottle can be used for various household and beauty purposes, such as hair style, skin care, makeup, cleaning and plant spray, etc. It can also be used to hydrate curly hair and keep cheeks moist. It can play a great role both at home and outdoors, helping you enjoy a better life.
Durable and leak free: The spray bottle adopts thickened PET plastic and enhanced sealing, which is firm and durable, not easy to sag, and effectively prevents leakage. The ergonomic shape and easy to grip handle reduce hand fatigue. Capacity: 200ml/6.8oz, length: 20cm/7.87 inches, width:6cm/2.36 inches.
Kind reminder: Do not add thick or oily liquids, as it may cause nozzle blockage. If there is any problem with the spray bottle, please contact us.

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