Ocushield Anti Blue Light Tempered Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro/X/XS – Protect Your Eyes, Reduce Migraines & Improve Sleep


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Product Description

block blue light and love your eyesblock blue light and love your eyes Medically rated blue light blockers to improve your health

We all spend large amounts of our days in front of screens, connecting with others. But we don’t realize the impact it has on our eyes and our health.

Filter out harmful blue light

Our products filter harmful light, protecting you and your loved ones – so that you can start feeling better, sleeping better and getting more done. From phone, iPad and laptop covers, to glasses and lamps – we’ve got something to keep those peepers protected – while keeping a crystal clear image, unlike ahem orange night mode.

Ocushield Blue blocking Light TechnologyOcushield Blue blocking Light Technology

block blue lightblock blue light Protect Your Eyes

By filtering out blue light from screens, you protect your eyes from strain and the things that go with it, such as headaches, fatigue, blurry vision.

protect your screen | screen protectorprotect your screen | screen protector Protect Your Screen

Made with tough tempered glass, our products are 5x stronger than traditional screen protectors and can withstand a 64g steel ball drop from 1.5m.

Protect Image QualityProtect Image Quality Protect Your Color

Filter out harmful blue light without disrupting color. Unlike night mode, there will be no retro orange tinge disrupting your screen.

Improve Health by getting better Sleep Block Blue LightImprove Health by getting better Sleep Block Blue Light Protect Your Health

Our protectors are the worlds first to be medically approved. Filtering blue light improves your cycles allowing you to fall asleep easier and longer.

How much bluelight does it block?

Ocushield screen protectors block 90% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 35% blue light from 420 to 500nm. Ocushield glasses block 95% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 40% from 420 to 500nm.

Is this tempered glass or plastic? Can it be cut to size?

Mobile screen protectors are tempered glass, as such they cannot be cut to size.

Will it have clarity issues?

We developed Ocushield products with user experience in mind, so image clarity is not affected while protecting you from harmful blue light. When compared to night mode, our filters provide a crystal clear image – without the retro orange tone.

How sturdy are the filters?

Our tempered glass can withstand a 64g steel ball or be dropped from a 50cm height 3 times.

How do I know this really helps?

Ocushield is a specialist product and the worlds only medically-rated screen protector, accredited by the MHRA. Products help absorb harmful blue light which can help with tired eyes, migraines and sleepless nights.

RESEARCH LED & DEVELOPED IN THE UK – Created by Optometrists, Ocushield is an effective blue light filtering screen protector limiting harmful UV & blue light emitted from screens
PREMIUM TEMPERED GLASS – Not only do our products protect your eyes and sleep, we use high quality tempered glass with an oleophobic coating to ensure your screen is protected from grubby fingers as well as life’s knocks and bumps; This is also a case-friendly screen protector
TRUE COLOURS – Ocushield protects your eyes and sleep, but still allows non-harmful light through the screen, meaning no retro orange tinge, unlike other apps and “night mode” settings
BLOCK HARMFUL BLUE LIGHT – Our products filter harmful blue light from digital screens which can cause insomnia, eye strain, headaches, dry eyes and blurry vision, with children and teenagers particularly at risk

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