Soundbar Mount Wall Brackets – Easy to Install Anti-Drop Universal Sound bar Mounts under TV, Speaker Shelf Mounting Holder for Samsung, Bose, Vizio, LG, Sony, JBL, Polk, Roku, Sonos, Onn, TCL


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Sturdy & Stable: The CAREVER soundbar mount is made of stronger and more durable metal stainless steel material, capable of supporting up to 30 lbs of weight and suitable for a variety of wall types including drywall, plasterboard, columns, concrete, and brick walls. The bottom and back have a 3mm thick shock-absorbing foam, effectively reducing sound resonance and preventing screws from loosening due to resonance, ensuring the soundbar stays securely in place without vibrating or falling.
Universal Soundbar Wall Mount: The CAREVER soundbar mounting bracket has a length of 3.5 inches/9 cm and can accommodate soundbars with a max width of 5.12 inches/13 cm, making it suitable for most brands, for Samsung, BOSE, Vizio, SONOS, Polk, JBL, LG, SONY, TCL, Roku, Onn, Harman Kardon, Denon, RCA, Nakamichi, Klipsch, Insignia, Majority, Panasonic, YAMAHA, and more. The soundbar holder amplifies the sound and helps to direct the sound toward the front so that you have an immersive experience.
Sound Bar Wall Shelf for Samsung Soundbar: HW-T430 HW-T530 HW-T510 HW-T60M HW-T400 HW-T420 HW-S40T HW-S60T HW-Q60T HW-Q70T HW-Q800T HW-MS6500 HW-MS6501 HW-MS660 HW-MS661 HW-MS750 HW-MS751 HW-MS550 HW-MS560 HW-R450 HW-R550 HW-R650 HW-Q60R HW-Q70R HW-Q80R HW-Q90R HW-H450 HW-J250 HW-J550 HW-H750 HW-H751 HW-J355 HW-J450 HW-K550 HW-M450 HW-J550 HW-K850 HW-T450 HW-T550 HW-T650 HW-F750 HW-S60B.
Sound Bar Wall Mount for Vizio Soundbar: SB2820N-E0 SB3651-E6 SB2820n-E0 SB2920-C6 SB2920C6 SB2920D6 SB2920XC-6 SB3220N-F6 SB3621N-E8 SB3621N-G8 SB3820X-C6 S3821-C6 SB2821-D6 SB3821-C6 SB4051-D5 SB4451-C0 SB36512-F6 SB2920-D6 S3820W-CO S2920W-CO SB3820-C6 and more.
Sound Bar Wall Bracket for LG Soundbar: SL5Y SN6Y SN7R SJ2 SN5Y SK1 SNC4R SN7Y SP8YA SKM5Y SLM5Y SNH5 SN8YG SLM4R SL4Y SLM3D SLM6Y SPD7Y SP2 SP7Y SL3D SJ4Y SK5 SK6 SK8 SK4Y SK5Y SK6Y SK7Y SK8Y SK5R SK6F SKM6Y SK4D SH2 SH4 SH5 SH7 SH8 SH7B SH4D SJ2 SJ6 SJ8 SJ8S SL5Y SN6Y SN7R SJ2 etc. (Not sure if it’s right for you? Please contact us!)
Compatibility with Many Other Soundbar Brands: Sony all soundbars (HT-S350, HT-CT290, HT-Z9F, HT-G700, HT-S100F, HT-S200F, HT-S40R, HT-X9000F, HT-MT300, HT-X8500, etc.), JBL soundbar (5.1, 3.1, 2.0, 2.1, Bar Studio), ONN all soundbars (5.1, 2.0), TCL all soundbars (Alto 6 2.0, Alto 6+ 2.1, Alto 9+ 3.1), Polk soundbar (Signa S1, Signa S2, Signa S3), Yamaha all soundbars (YAS-109, YAS-209BL, SR-B20A), Bose all soundbars (300, 500, 700),and more.
Quick Installation: The CAREVER provides longer screws (3.5cm) for easier and more accurate installation. After drilling the first hole, use a spirit level to make sure the soundbar is straight and level. It is important to use expansion bolts, as relying solely on screws and the wall cannot sustain the weight of most soundbars for an extended period of time. Installing the sound bar near the bottom of the TV helps hide the wires, making the TV area look neater.

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