YOGES VR Golf Club Attachment Compatible with Meta Quest 3/ Oculus Quest 2 Controller, Virtual Reality Golf Handle Grips 90 Degree Design Keep Tracking for Golf VR Games (ONLY for Right Controller)


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(as of May 28, 2024 08:45:50 UTC – Details)

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VR Golf Club AttachmentVR Golf Club Attachment


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Quest 3 Attachment

Quest 2 Attachment

VR Golf Club AttachmentVR Golf Club Attachment

VR Golf Club AttachmentVR Golf Club Attachment

【100% Tracking】– Say goodbye to tracking issues with our YOGES for quest 3 golf club attachment. Its innovative 90-degree design ensures that the controller’s signal points are always facing your headset, guaranteeing 100% tracking accuracy. (Note: For optimal performance, ensure that the black sensor of the for quest 3 controller is facing upwards during use.)
【More Realistic】– Transform your VR experience with our realistic VR golf club accessory compatible with Meta Quest 3/Quest 2 controllers. With its authentic feel and extended length, immerse yourself fully in the game, feeling every swing as if you’re on a real golf course. Elevate immersion and enjoy the thrill of VR gaming with our lifelike attachment.
【Firmly Installed & Not Fly Out】– Experience peace of mind with our VR Golf Club attachment for quest 3/2, featuring YOGES’ unique fixation method for secure installation,while the fixed buckle holds the controller firmly, the knob can also tighten the protective rope to provide a second protection to your controller. Say goodbye to worries about your VR Golf Club controller flying off.
【Ergonomic Design】 — This vr golf club handle for quest 3 uses professional golf club grip materials, make it very comfortable, non-slip and stabilizes, Plus, it’s incredibly convenient to use and can be installed or removed in just a few minutes.
【Wide Compatible】 — Enhance your VR gaming experience with our VR golf club handle, compatible with a range of VR sports games such as GOLF+, GOLF 5 eClub, Walkabout Mini Golf, First Person Tennis, and more.
【Ensuring Satisfaction】– Our exceptional customer service team is available 24/7 to assist buyers with any inquiries or concerns. Feel free to reach out to us at any time for assistance.

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