The Nikola Wav is an electric watercraft with a 4K display and cruise control

Electric trucking company Nikola Motors just announced an all-electric sit-down personal watercraft called the Wav (pronounced “wave”). Inspired by the design of superbikes, the Wav is a wild looking jet-ski style vehicle that Nikola Motors CEO Trevor Milton called the “future of watercraft.” It features a waterproof 12-inch, 4K display in the dashboard, LED lights in the front and back, and even has cruise control. Milton debuted the Wav alongside an all-electric off-roader and the company’s two flagship electric big rigs at an event in Arizona Tuesday night.

“This watercraft defies the norm and creates a new standard,” Jordan Darling, the vice president of Nikola’s powersports division, said on stage. The Wav will be powered by a…

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