Hackaday Podcast Ep16: 3D Printing with Steel, Molding with Expanded Foam, QUIP-Package Parts, and Aged Solder

Join editors Elliot Williams and Mike Szczys to recap the week in hardware hacking. This episode looks at microfluidics using Shrinky Dinks, expanding foam to build airplane wings, the insidious effect of time on component solder points, and Airsoft BBs used in 3D printing. Finishing out the episode we have an interview with two brothers who started up a successful business in the Shenzhen electronics markets.

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Left-to-right: Sheng, Mike, Xuan, Ken (translator)

Here’s the story of starting a business in the Shenzhen electronics markets of Huaqiangbei. Two brothers, Xuan and Sheng, started up Xuan Hoa in 2013 and built a successful cellphone tool company, having overcome much along the way. They sat down with Mike in a coffee shop to recount their experience. Thanks to Scotty Allen of Strange Parts for connecting us for this fascinating story.

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