Huawei’s 90-day reprieve expires today, so what now? (Update: An extension!)

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Update, August 19 2019 (8:34AM ET): U.S. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross has reportedly confirmed that the U.S. has given Huawei a second, 90-day extension.

The Commerce Secretary confirmed the extension with Fox Business Network (h/t: Reuters). This means the Chinese brand is able to keep buying products and services from U.S. companies to service existing customers and devices.

It isn’t all good news for Huawei though, as Ross said 46 more Huawei affiliates will be added to the so-called Entity List. This suggests that it’ll be even tougher for the Chinese manufacturer to do business and to sidestep the trade ban in the future.

Original article, August 19 2019 (1:53AM ET): The U.S. gave Huawei a 90-day reprieve following the trade ban against the manufacturer in May. The trade ban, which allows U.S. companies to maintain business ties with Huawei, expires today (August 19).

Reuters reported on Friday that the U.S. Commerce Department was set to issue another 90-day grace period, citing two sources. The extension would allow Huawei to keep maintaining its current telecommunications networks and updating its Android phones.

Now, the newswire reports that President Donald Trump doesn’t want U.S. firms to deal with the company.

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“At this moment it looks much more like we’re not going to do business,” Trump told reporters on Sunday before boarding Air Force One, insisting that the firm was a national security threat.

Trump said parts of Huawei’s business could be excluded from a more comprehensive ban, but added that it would be “very complicated.” The president didn’t clarify whether another extension would be granted to the company.

Huawei reassures consumers

Huawei U.K. has also since addressed concerns about the company’s 90-day reprieve elapsing today.

“As we have been saying for some time now, nothing’s changed – and the good thing for our consumers is that nothing will change after August 19. All Huawei smartphones, tablets and PCs which are sold and are selling in the market will continue to receive security patches, Android updates and Microsoft support,” Huawei U.K. explained in an emailed press statement.

The division added that anyone who has bought or is about to buy a Huawei phone can continue to access various apps as they’ve always done, and that devices will still receive full after-sales support.

“Our most popular current devices will be able to access Android Q,” the company continued. It specifically said popular flagship phones such as the Huawei P30 series will “soon” be upgraded to Android Q.

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