Mountain Lion Known for Crossing Los Angeles Freeway Killed By Car

P-61, a GPS-collared mountain lion known for crossing the 405 freeway in Los Angeles, was struck and killed by a vehicle on September 7. (Photo Credit: Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area / Facebook)

A mountain lion known for crossing the 405 freeway in Los Angeles was hit and killed by a car on September 7, according to National Park Service (NPS) officials.

The four-year-old animal, which was called P-61, lived close to the Sepulveda Boulevard Pass, NPS ranger Ana Beatriz said in a statement on Facebook. P-61 had a special radio-collar around his neck, which enabled NPS authorities to track his movements around the area, CNN reported.

Beatriz said the mountain lion’s final GPS point showed that he was between Bel Air Crest Road and the Sepulveda Boulevard underpass before he was fatally struck by a vehicle on Saturday.

California Highway Patrol moved P-61’s body out of traffic after the incident. City of Los Angeles Animal Control officers then retrieved P-61’s body and radio-collar and alerted California Department of Fish and Wildlife personnel and Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area researchers.

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A couple of months ago, the mountain lion crossed the large, 10-lane freeway in the Sepulveda Pass vicinity in California. P-61 was reportedly the first GPS-collared mountain lion to successfully walk across the busy 405 freeway.

It’s unclear why P-61 tried to cross the 405 freeway again, but based on his GPS points, he was recently spending more time near the eastern edge of the freeway. Over the past few years, officials received remote camera photos of an uncollared male mountain lion that apparently lives nearby and a negative encounter between the two may have caused P-61 to travel again.

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