Four short links: 10 September 2019

Mapping Values, Crawlers are Legal, Laser Tripwire, and Coercion-Resistant Design

  1. From Values to Rituals (Simon Wardley) — interesting to see him taking mapping into the world of culture and values.
  2. HiQ Labs v LinkedIn Decision — not only is scraping legal, LinkedIn can’t put barriers in the way of HiQ’s crawlers. (!) (via Hacker News)
  3. daytripper — a small hardware box with a laser tripwire that triggers actions on your computer, e.g. to hide the game you’re playing and replace it with a work app.
  4. Coercion-Resistant Design (Eleanor Saitta) — a security architect looks at how to protect the privacy and security of your users in the face of a malicious state.

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