Guidelines To The Easy Relocation Of The Data Center

The relocation process is always very tiresome and tedious for all people. It involves a lot of planning, packing, shifting, unpacking, and resetting things. You often get stressed out and will be filled with great anxiety. You need to ensure that all the things are moved back safely and securely. An inventory is required for checking all this and that involves a great amount of time too. If it is the data center that requires relocation, it becomes a further challenging task. You need to plan meticulously in advance and execute the plan well to ensure that this relocation process completes successfully. You may be planning to relocate your data center for a better location with more facilities such as less rent etc. The following guidelines may help you to achieve this with more ease and comfort.

Make A Team Of The People 

When you start planning the relocation, begin it with identifying the people who form the team to undertake the relocation process. This team should be included by all those major persons who are going to be affected by the relocation. This further should include the staff, It operators, data network operators, human resource staff, and the major individual that is directing the entire process. All the phases shall be followed meticulously by the team leader or the project manager whoever is heading this relocation process.

Requirements To Be Noted and Creating The Inventory

Discuss and plan all the things that are needed for the relocation. You need to assess this based on the new location to which you will be shifting. Further to this, plan according to the site plan, the location and other measurements such as security, equipment, accommodation for the power system and the cooling system. You should prepare an inventory of the entire data that is going to be involved in the process of the relocation. This list should contain the complete objects such as types of equipment and others that are going to be shifted to the new location. Anything that may be added should also be included in the list.

Plan The Placement Of Equipment

Plan where to keep each object such as furniture, equipment, power system, cooling system, network connectivity, etc. to save the time later. Each piece of the equipment should be placed properly and correctly. Ensure that you follow the HVAC regulations before installing the electrical equipment, cooling units, and to provide a back-up power system. You must also ensure that the building plans and regulations and the rules of the new locations are being followed while shifting and placing your things.

Final Stage

Once the relocation process is completed, make sure that everything is done as per the plans. Check the data and inventory carefully to ensure this. If there have been any delays to deal with, take necessary actions for this. If things fail to go as per the plans, check out the reasons. If you follow all these guidelines, you would have a comfortable and successful relocation of your data center.

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