‘Wonder Woman: 1984” Trailer Rides the Lightning

After Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad nearly killed DC’s attempt at a cinematic universe before it even started, the first Wonder Woman movie proved that perhaps Marvel wouldn’t dominate the genre after all. Along with giving the first lady of superheroes the live-action adaptation she deserved for decades, Wonder Woman was also just a cool movie, surprisingly thoughtful and emotionally mature. DC movies are still pretty inconsistent when it comes to quality, from bad Justice League to okay Aquaman to pretty good Shazam, but the promise of a Wonder Woman sequel, with original director Patty Jenkins, was more than enough to give us hope for the future.

And now that sequel is almost here. Check out the first trailer for Wonder Woman: 1984.

Wonder Woman: 1984 skips from the World War I setting of the first movie all the way to 1980s America, Washington D.C. to be specific. Gal Gadot hangs out in malls and listens to chill synth music. Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor has mysteriously returned, and now Diana is the one who has to explain the modern world to him, not the other way around.

But this is still an action movie, not just a piece of retro kitsch nostalgia. We see more flashbacks of Amazon training, Diana reflecting bullets, a new golden winged armor set, and literally a shot where Wonder Woman rides lightning bolts with her magic lasso.

Finally, the trailer shows us glimpses of some of the new characters including Kristen Wiig is the villainous Cheetah and Pedro Pascal as a very Trump-esque Maxwell Lord. Pascal is also The Mandalorian, but here you can see his face. For a closer look check out these recently released character posters.

Wonder Woman: 1984 rides the lightning into theaters next June. In the meantime, check out this Wonder Woman gift guide.

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