Top 14 Sites for Online Coupons & Promotional Codes

Everyone loves saving money when doing some online shopping. While you can always try searching for a specific promo offer online, this doesn’t always work out. Chances are that you’ll end up filtering through several months’ worth of expired codes before finding something that actually works.

Want a better option for online bargain hunting? Try using these promo code websites dedicated to finding discounts and collecting coupons.

1. RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot Coupon Codes Site

RetailMeNot is one of the best-known bargain hunting websites online. The site offers daily bargains for both online and in-store purchases in your region. The number of bargains can feel overwhelming, but you can always use the search feature to narrow your options. For example, you can search for specific products, your favorite store, or a nearby restaurant.

The site lets you know how many other users have used a certain coupon, and even allows you to submit any online coupons that RetailMeNot doesn’t have advertised. Simply submit a deal by clicking the Submit a Coupon link in the upper right corner of the website.

RetailMeNot is also available as an app for iOS and Android devices—this is helpful for when you’re looking for coupons while shopping in a brick and mortar store!

2. Rakuten

Rakuten Coupon Codes Site

Rakuten is another great option for cashback coupon hunting. Plus, you can receive a $10 welcome bonus if you spend over $25 in your first 90 days of membership. Simply make your purchases using targeted links on the Rakuten website, and receive up to 10% cashback on top of your savings!

Since Rakuten partners with many large retailers, you’ll find Amazon, Macy’s, Groupon, and Walmart coupons. Because of Rakuten’s large reach, you’re sure to find a deal that meets your needs.


Savings Coupon Codes Site

One of the ways sets itself apart from other coupon code websites is through its organization methods. You can easily browse through multiple categories of coupons and deals, such as automotive, seasonal, travel, electronics, education, and more.

You can also filter specifically for grocery coupons, or limit your search to printable coupons that you can use in local stores.

4. Coupon Chief

Coupon Chief Coupon Codes Site

Coupon Chief focuses extensively on online coupon codes and sale alerts, and this focus serves the site well. The intuitive interface has thousands of promo codes for websites and offers significant details on each deal. These details are key for making sure that you know how to use each coupon and don’t miss any of the important small print.

5. Groupon

Groupon Coupon Codes Site

Groupon is one of the most popular deals websites out there. However, you might have some concerns about Groupon’s safety and its ability to save you money. All in all, you just have to look out for any deals that seem too good to be true.

With that said, Groupon is a great place to find deals on fun experiences in your local area. Groupon attracts big-name clients, so the savings are often significant. Make sure to explore the different sections of Groupon’s website, including Things To Do, Goods, Hotels & Travel, and Coupons to see all the different savings available.

6. Price Blink

Price Blink Coupon Code Add-On

Price Blink isn’t just another deals website. Instead, it offers an online price comparison browser add-on that ensures you get the best deal without changing your shopping habits. If you’re comfortable with the possible privacy implications of an add-on like this, it’s worth a try!

No matter which site you shop on, Price Blink scans over 4,000 partnered merchants to see if there’s a lower price available on another site. If there is, an alert will appear that includes a link to the other website. Similarly, if a coupon appears, Price Blink will alert you with a coupon code notification.

This site is a great option if you’re a bit forgetful. You don’t need to hunt down deals before clicking purchase—if a deal is out there, Price Blink lets you know.

7. SmartSource

SmartSource Coupon Codes Site

SmartSource offers two kinds of coupons—printable, and direct-to-card—that are primarily available on groceries and household products. For many, these coupons are the same as the coupons you may receive in your local newspaper. But, the online access to SmartSource’s database gives you the opportunity to print off multiple coupons, print off coupons for a different city, or to access the coupons if your paper goes missing.

These coupons are great for saving a few dollars on your everyday trips to the supermarket, or for stocking up on essentials.

8. Coupon Code Sites also offers printable coupons for household items and foodstuffs. However, the site also has a mobile app for iOS and Android for easy access to coupons on unexpected shopping trips. Some store loyalty cards are also compatible with, which can help you gain store reward points over time.

Also, a wide selection of online coupon codes is available under the Coupon Codes tab. Just press the plus sign icon on the bottom right of any coupon you might need. This saves all your coupons in a single file, making printing a breeze!

9. Hip2Save

Hip2Save Coupon Codes Site

Hip2Save began as a frugal living blog but later expanded into a couponing empire. This discount code site still has many blog entries, tips, and recommendations for coupon collectors. However, it now features links to useful coupons found all over the internet.

Experienced coupon users may not like the smaller number of coupon options. However, this makes the site a perfect fit for coupon beginners. The blog’s helpful approach ensures that all coupons are valid and useful.

10. Slickdeals

Slickdeals Coupon Codes Site

Slickdeals is a hub for amazing online deals and coupon codes. Some of the best deals are gathered in the Frontpage Slickdeals section. Here, you’ll find hand-picked and verified coupons from Slickdeal’s editors.

To make your couponing experience much simpler, you can also search for deals based on a specific product category or store. Each deal comes with an extensive amount of details, as well as a rating by Slickdeal’s users.

11. CouponCabin

CouponCabin Coupon Codes Site

Not only does CouponCabin have a huge selection of eBay, Old Navy, Best Buy, and Home Depot coupons, but it also has plenty of in-store and online coupons for dozens of other stores. Click on the site’s menu, and you can filter deals by free samples, free shipping, grocery stores, department stores, and printable coupons. This makes it much easier to find the type of coupons you’re looking for.

12. Wikibuy

Wikibuy Coupon Code Sites

Wikibuy offers a smarter way to shop on Amazon and plenty of other stores, both locally and online. This coupon code site lets you sort product deals by very specific categories, such as appliances, beauty, books, pet supplies, smartphones, and much more.

If you want to take full advantage of the money-saving opportunities Wikibuy has, link your credit or debit card, and use it at participating merchants. Wikibuy will reward you with credits that you can use towards gift cards. You can also opt to add Wikibuy to your browser to get alerts for deals as you shop.

13. The Krazy Coupon Lady

The Krazy Coupon Lady Coupon Codes Site

The Krazy Coupon Lady provides plenty of tips and tricks if you’re new to couponing, and has an entire community dedicated to users who have scored great deals. Luckily, this handy coupon site also gives you the tools to get started.

In addition to providing you with deals for various popular retailers, it has dozens of printable and mobile coupons for specific brands of makeup, groceries, and household goods.

14. Brad’s Deals

Brad's Deals Coupon Codes SIte

Brad’s Deals collects all the current deals online and relays them to its visitors. You’ll find everything from JCPenney coupons to discounts at Target. What makes Brad’s Deals stand out is that it’s not just limited to online shopping—the site is also dedicated to giving you the best deals on credit cards, travel, and even event tickets.

What About International Shoppers?

Shopping online can be frustrating living outside of the United States! Thankfully, there are also several great international coupon sites out there for individuals outside of the USA. Also, keep in mind that several major sites (such as Groupon and RetailMeNot) often have linked international websites for coupons in different countries.

Unfortunately, I can’t speak for every country in the world—so this section is limited to a shortlist of some English-language websites that you may find helpful.

If you’re Canadian, try for grocery flyers or the Canadian version of Smart Source for everything else! If you’re in the UK, you may find Extreme Couponing UK or Wowcher helpful. Australians may enjoy Top Bargains, and those in New Zealand may like Cheapies or Cuponation.

Saving With Promo Offers Online

Online coupons may not solve all financial troubles, but they can certainly make a difference. Saving a few dollars on every transaction can help you save tons of cash over time.

While you clip coupons and apply promo codes, why not earn money for shopping as well? Make sure to use these cashback apps that pay you for shopping.

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