An Adidas x James Bond Collab Has Leaked

007 is coming to adidas’ lineup of cool sneakers. (Photo Credit: The Supreme Saint / Twitter)

It’s tough to point to a brand that does pop culture collaboration as well or as frequently as adidas. From Marvel, to Star Wars, to Game of Thrones, the company had that game on lock in 2019 and things don’t appear to be changing in 2020. It looks like they’ve added another popular property to their rolodex, one that’s got a ton of eyes on it going into the new year.

Dressing like James Bond is prohibitively expensive for most moviegoers. I’ll never forget looking up the Barbour jacket he wears in Skyfall, seeing the price, and realizing I needed a new style icon (shoutout to Justin Theroux for filling that void). That’s not even getting into the suits, watches, shoes, and sunglasses, all of which you’d have to sell a screenplay or win the lottery to even begin to be able to afford.

That’s why what appears to be an upcoming collaboration between adidas and the James Bond series feels like such a slam dunk. For a franchise as long-running and popular as Bond, there’s a strange lack of accessible fan merchandise and collectibles. Branding crossovers tend to come in the form of expensive watches, leaving most fans with the option of simply finding a T-shirt with a movie poster on it.

That changes in 2020. With eyes back on Bond in a big way, thanks to Daniel Craig’s presumably final appearance as 007 in No Time To Die, it looks like adidas is putting out a limited edition Ultra Boost 20 to commemorate the film and the franchise as a whole.

In classic Bond fashion, the shoe aims for classy over ostentatious. Based on the leaked photos, it’s an all-black silhouette with black Boost foam in the sole. There’s some cool patterned white stitching over the toe box, but it largely looks to be sleek and discreet, save for one crucial touch: the 007 logo on the heel of the shoe.

The Ultra Boost is already a can’t-go-wrong sneaker and with this added bit of Bond branding it makes for a dope piece of fan merch. There’s no confirmed on-sale date from adidas yet, but we’ll be sure to keep you in the loop when there is – though it seems safe to say that it’ll likely be out in the spring so as to coincide with the release of No Time To Die.

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