Huge leak reveals Sony’s new PlayStation 5 controller for the first time ever

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With some luck, we might get new PS5 details from Sony during its CES 2020 press conference on Monday, where the company is expected to unveil a “unique vision of the future” that will “unleash new sensations and emotions.” Whatever that vision might be, one could argue that the PS5 should be at the center of it all. Sony confirmed the PlayStation 5’s name a few months ago, but the company didn’t reveal the console’s design. While it’s unclear whether Sony would even want to show the PS5 at the trade show, we do have a fresh PS5 leak for you that features the already-confirmed PS5 development kit, but it also appears to give us our first look ever at the PS5’s new DualShock 5 controller.

The PS5 dev kit design leaked months ago when it was first found in a Sony design patent. Soon after that, several sources confirmed the new design and we saw actual images of the PS5 dev kit that several studios are currently using to make new games for the consoles. Here’s a photo of the PS5 kit that leaked recently:

This brings us to the images below, which were apparently shared on Facebook by someone whose job it is to clean the PS5 dev kit prototypes:

As you can see, we’re looking at the same V-shaped PlayStation 5 dev kit design, although the commercial version of the PS5 won’t necessarily look anything like the prototype developers got. More interesting is the controller attached to it, which is almost certainly a prototype of the DualShock 5 device that will ship with the PS5 this fall.

Sony hadn’t announced the actual name of the controller when it unveiled some of the new features of the PS5 controller a few months ago. The company said the device would feature much better haptic feedback than the DualShock 4, without showing official imagery of the controller or revealing any other features. Since then, we learn the controller might incorporate a microphone for the rumored PlayStation assistant, as well as rear-facing buttons similar to the add-on that Sony created for the DualShock 4. The device should also feature a larger touchpad.

The only certain thing about the images above is that the PS5 dev kit design has been confirmed once again. Given that the Xbox design is already official, Sony should show the PS5 and DualShock 5 controller soon. If it doesn’t happen at CES during Sony’s press event, we should see the console in mid-February during Sony’s rumored PlayStation press event.

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