Alienware’s Concept UFO prototype is a handheld gaming PC like the Nintendo Switch

At this year’s CES, Dell showcased a new prototype for portable PC gaming. The Alienware Concept UFO is a handheld gaming PC that runs on Windows 10. Its design is just like the Nintendo Switch but it tries to accomplish much more.

Dell Alienware Concept UFO prototype. Image: Dell

It features an eight-inch display with a resolution of 1900 x 1200 pixels. All the hardware is housed inside this unit with a fan on the back. There are two detachable controllers that can work in multiple modes. The basic mode is when the controllers are attached to the display while holding the entire device. If you detach the controllers, you can choose to connect them to a central hub and continue playing by leaning it on its built-in kickstand. It isn’t clear whether the controllers work when detached like the Joy-Cons on the Switch.

The Concept UFO can also be connected to an external display via a USB-C port that supports Thunderbolt. A keyboard and mouse can also be connected via Bluetooth and play games with them. While you could switch to the regular Windows 10 interface and run games from Steam, it includes a custom UI to launch games easily.

Dell hasn’t revealed anything about the internal hardware apart from the Concept UFO running on 10th Generation Intel Core processors. It’s highly unlikely that the tiny device could pack a discrete mobile graphics card, so it could be using integrated graphics. Intel’s latest 10th Gen ‘Ice Lake’ Core processors use the company’s Iris Plus integrated graphics that is touted to perform considerably well in gaming. Hence, the Concept UFO could be using one but it isn’t confirmed yet.

The pricing or availability of the device hasn’t been revealed. It isn’t even clear whether Alienware plans on turning this into a commercial product. If it does, the final product may not even look like the one showcased at the event.

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