Nike’s Latest Bruce Lee Sneaker Has Leaked

The Kyrie 6 Bruce Lee may be coming to stores later this year. (Photo Credit:
Don Baloncesto / Twitter)

While the iconic Bruce Lee sneaker will always be the yellow Onitsuka Tigers he wears in Game of Death, there’s a rich history of sneaker brands paying homage to the greatest martial arts movie star of all time. No company has done it better than Nike, who have produced a select few iconic colorways in their basketball sneaker line over the years to offer tribute to the legend.

They first got the ball rolling in 2010 with the Kobe 5 Bruce Lee, a stellar sneaker featuring a yellow and black colorway and a quartet of red slashes as a reference to Lee’s iconic performance in Enter the Dragon. Over the years they threw together a few more Kobes in this colorway, including the Kobe 9 EM Low and the Kobe 11 Elite Low.

However, the cream of the crop came in 2017 with the Kyrie 3 Mamba Mentality Bruce Lee. The Mama Mentality line has traditionally featured basketball sneakers taking note from iconic Kobe Bryant colorways and this stands out not only as the best of that line, but one of the best basketball sneakers Nike has produced.

This mid-top Kyrie 3 features the same yellow/black colorway emphasized in the prior Kobe releases with the added bonus of themed patterns on the left and right side of each shoe. The outer upper features Japanese kanji while the inner sports a speckled snakeskin pattern in tribute to Kobe, long known as the “Black Mama.” The iconic slash marks adorn the toes in a bright red.

Nike’s Bruce Lee sneakers aren’t an annual occurrence by any means, so it’s always special when a new one surfaces – which looks to be happening again soon. Photos recently leaked of an upcoming colorway of the Kyrie 6 that looks to be the next installment in the line – and one that takes the tribute in a new direction.

The Kyrie 6 Bruce Lee is primarily red and black with yellow accents on the tongue, sole, and stitching. The slash marks, traditionally red, are now yellow and cut through the Nike logo on either side of the shoe. All in all, it’s a super exciting new take on the collaboration and we can’t wait to see a more in-depth and official look at the shoes.

There’s no telling for sure when they’ll hit shelves, but our bet is sometime during May – likely right around Nike’s now-annual Mamba Day event. That said, there’s no guarantee this is part of the Mamba Mentality line, so we could be seeing them sooner. We’ll be sure to keep you informed as to when more information is available. For now, make sure you have the Nike SNKRS app downloaded as that’s more than likely to be where the shoe is available for purchase when it goes live. 

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