4 Reasons Why Dash Cams Are a Must-Have for Chauffeur-Driven Cars

Chauffeurs add a dimension of luxury and comfort to your daily commute to work, meetings, and leisure outings. As driving is a time-consuming task, with a chauffeur by your side, you get all those precious moments back.

Dash Cams Chauffeur-Driven Cars

Then again, you have a lot of concerns on your plate when a chauffeur drives you or your family members. He could be inviting other drivers into the car, sleeping with the AC on, picking up customers to earn additional money, or indulging in other mischievous activities. You also hear about various cases of road accidents and road rage; most of which happen because of reckless or rash driving by chauffeurs. However, with some smart tech help, you won’t have to worry about the security of your car.

One such reliable way is equipping your vehicle with a GPS tracker in India with an in-build dash cam. You can get real-time updates of any impolite behaviour, be it reckless driving, over-speeding, or picking up strangers on the way.

Other than these, here are reasons why a tracker with a dash cam is must for your chauffeur-driven car:

  1. Stay Informed

A GPS tracker in India provides real-time alerts that will reduce the misuse of your vehicle by a chauffeur. It also helps to amplify the security of your family members as well as your car. Along with this, real-time alerts are also considered a big safety feature to keep you aware of crucial things about your car, such as noise level, engine idling, and AC alert when driven by a chauffeur.

There are some advanced GPS trackers in India with dash cams that use Al-based facial recognition, which sends you an alert when an unknown driver is found seated in the driving seat. The unidentified driver alert not only helps with chauffeurs but also in the case of theft.

  1. Stream Live Videos

Boasting of a time-lapse video recording feature, reliable GPS trackers in India with a dash cam like KENT CamEye allow you to live stream video directly on your smartphone. It helps you keep a close eye on the chauffeur too. With the help of the dash camera, you can access live video streaming of either camera from anywhere at any time. Not only this, multiple users can watch the streaming at the same time as per the device owner’s preference. You can pan and zoom in on the live video for more important details.

  1. Communicate Easily

A GPS tracker in India with an in-built dash cam helps in multiple ways. However, there are times when you can see the inside of the car but are unable to contact the chauffeur in case of an emergency. It can happen due to a bad network or a discharged battery. In such a case, having a high-end GPS tracker in India like KENT CamEye installed in your car will help you contact the driver directly through the app with the two-way calling feature.

  1. Store Recordings

The dash cam offered by KENT Cameye helps you record everything inside as well as outside of your car. It’s an outstanding feature that guarantees the safety of your family members when the chauffeur is driving your car. After recording the audio and video, it uploads everything on cloud storage on a real-time basis. The dash cam is also equipped with night vision and can record both video and audio.

Tracking your chauffeur-driven car today is not a luxury but the need of the hour. Keeping these benefits in mind, get a tracker device with incredibly detailed tracking capability like KENT CamEye. It’s one of those GPS trackers in India that bridges the gap between a usual security device and a dash cam. It is made entirely in India and is the first-of-its-kind device to have a dual-camera that captures video both inside and outside the vehicle. It’s a 4G enabled GPS tracker in India that uploads data to the cloud in real-time and pairs with an app to provide real-time life feed.

By fitting your car with this GPS tracker, you can increase the security of your chauffeur-driven car without any hassle.

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