PUBG announces April Fools’ Day special Fantasy Battle Royale mode that takes you Dragon’s Isle

PUBG Corp is celebrating April Fools’ Day with a new Fantasy Battle Royale mode in a class-based, limited-time format.

In this mode, 20 squads of four players will get to choose one of four classes and land on a place called Dragon’s Isle.

PUBG announced on its website that with April Fools’ Day being a long-celebrated tradition in the gaming world, it has decided to “go a little crazy and try something completely different” by launching the Fantasy Battle Royale mode.


According to PUBG, with the impact of COVID-19 putting the world into lockdown, they realise that video games offer a diversion in times of solitude. So, the company has decided to go forward with the event, even though a number of companies have chosen to forego April Fools’ Day activities.

Features of Fantasy Battle Royale mode

  • Fantasy BR takes place on Dragon’s Isle (Erangel).
  • Third person perspective (TPP) only, 20 squads of 4 (maximum of 80 players per match) are allowed.
  • Does not support one-man or three-man squads, but will automatically find suitable companions for players.
  • Friendly fire is disabled.
  • Fantasy Battle Royale does not grant experience point rewards, but Battle Points are earned based on players’ total gameplay time.
  • Fantasy Battle Royale matches don’t count towards the Survivor Pass.
  • Players can complete Fantasy Battle Royale exclusive missions to earn special rewards.
  • In the Battle Royale mode, each class has its own equipment stats and abilities. Characters in the game include Barbarians, Rangers, Wizards and Paladins.
  • PUBG’s Fantasy Battle Royale runs from 1 April to 7 April

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