Five things we love—and hate—about the five biggest iOS 14 features

Even if you haven’t rushed to install the iOS 14 and iPadOS 14 public betas on your devices, you already know all about the new features that’ll transform your home screen, apps, and overall mobile experience in exciting new ways. Major changes are in store for our home screens, widgets, and apps, as Apple makes some long-overdue tweaks to the iPhone and iPad experience.

But it’s not all moonlight and roses. I’ve been testing the new betas since they landed last week, and I’ve run into frustrating quirks and roadblocks along the way. Don’t get me wrong: There’s a lot to like here, but in true Apple fashion, old systems and puzzling decisions keep the new features from being as great as they can be. There’s still a lot of time for the betas to be tweaked, of course, but here’s what I like and don’t like so far.

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