PSA: Games Done Quick’s summer speedrunning event kicks off on August 16th

Image: Games Done Quick

Games Done Quick’s (GDQ) next big speedrunning marathon for charity will kick off on August 16th at 11:30AM ET / 7:30AM PT on Twitch. This year’s summer GDQ will be a bit different than past years due to the pandemic: instead of taking place in a giant room filled with people, it will be entirely virtual.

But just because the event is online doesn’t mean it should be any less interesting than past years. The schedule is packed with runs, like a Hollow Knight race on Monday, Virtual Boy Wario Land Any% on Wednesday, and Super Smash Bros. 64 Break the Targets All Characters Blindfolded (!!) on Saturday. There’s sure to be some more hidden gems in there. After all, half the fun of GDQ for me is just tuning into the stream whenever I can…

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