Four short links: 21 August 2020

  1. The 212 Story Tower That Isn’t in Suburban Melbourne — A typo in a Open Street Map submission becomes a surprising monolith in Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  2. Fairness in Machine Learning — Draft text for a book on the subject.
  3. The Social Architecture of Impactful Communities — A really good set of models for communities. Individuals typically “hire” communities to accomplish transitions that require human connection. The major sections: Why do people join communities?; Member quality determines community success; Design your community to spark quality interactions; The two levels of group cohesion; Recognizing and retaining key members; Growing your ranks; A Time to Build.
  4. Letters to a New Developer — A series of articles of advice to early-stage programmers, such as Don’t Try to Change the Tabbing/Bracing Style and On Debugging.

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