Four short links: 25 August 2020

  1. Wooden Turing Machine — (YouTube) Description of how it works. It implements three data elements and two states, sufficient for any calculation (discussed here)> Not an infinite tape, because … wood.
  2. Emotional Resiliency in Leadership Report 2020 — Very interesting report, based on survey and science of burnout. It is primarily written for the survey respondents, and anyone dealing with burn-out and resilience issues either in themselves, family members and employees. If you’re only interested in how to address burn-out skip to section seven.
  3. Three Things Digital Ethics Can Learn From Medical EthicsEthics committees have at least three roles to play. The first is education. […] The second role of ethics committees is policy formation and review. […] The third role of ethics committees is to provide ethical consultation. and [T]echnological decisions are not only about facts (for example, about what is more efficient), but also about the kind of life we want and the kind of society we strive to build.
  4. Ent: An Entity Framework for GoSimple, yet powerful ORM for modeling and querying data. (a) Schema As Code – model any database schema as Go objects. (b) Easily Traverse Any Graph – run queries, aggregations and traverse any graph structure easily. (c) Statically Typed And Explicit API – 100% statically typed and explicit API using code generation. (d) Multi Storage Driver – supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Gremlin. Built by Facebookers, inspired by an FB-internal entity framework.

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