8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus controller review: So many options, so much to love

SN30 Pro Plus
By 8bitdo
$49.99 purchasing options

Works with Switch, PC, and Android
Fully customizable buttons
Supports macros
Analog sticks and triggers (customizable)
Rumble and six-axis gyro support
USB-C wired support
Use the rechargeable battery pack or AA batteries
Multiple colorways


Doesn’t support wake on Switch
No IR or Amiibo support
Must use in-box cable
Grips can get uncomfortable during long sessions

Bottom Line

For people looking to play emulated Nintendo games, there is no better controller than the 8bitdo SN30 Pro Plus. It will work on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android and offers a customization suite that is unbelievably powerful.

It is also fully compatible with the Nintendo Switch. However, those of you looking for a controller to use exclusively with a Switch should probably skip this as there are a few integral features it lacks.

The bottom line is that folks looking for an all-around controller to play Nintendo games on multiple systems will fall in love with this controller immediately.

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