Ring Mailbox Sensor Review: With this gadget, the postman needn’t ring at all

Winter is coming, and that means your trip to the mailbox is about to get a bit nasty. And the only thing worse than trudging to the mailbox in the rain or snow is having to do it twice because the mail carrier is later than usual that day.

Two years ago I reviewed Smart Alert for Mail (SAM), a simple device designed to sound an audible alert in your house when the mailbox is opened. Now smart home giant Ring is getting in on the game, with a more sophisticated device that integrates with the Ring environment.

The Ring Mailbox Sensor is essentially a Ring Motion Sensor that has been modified to support an external antenna, which is included. Like that device, the Mailbox Sensor depends on the Ring Smart Lighting Bridge to connect to your Wi-Fi network. The Bridge sits in your house, preferably in a window overlooking your mailbox, and its network can support up to 50 compatible Ring devices (e.g., Solar Pathlights, smart bulbs, and the like). If you already have a Ring Bridge, you don’t need another one (indeed, you can only deploy one per household). If that’s your situtation, you can buy the Mailbox Sensor by itself and save $20.

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