Lose Fat Machine Fat Burning Machine 6 in 1 Fat Remover Device Weight Loss Machine Multifunctional Stomach Massager Home Use for Belly Hips Arm

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✿Fat burning machine have 5 modes, (Tapping, Massage, Knead, Scrapping, Sliming) and 5 intensity. EMS can exercise the muscles, offering a deep body massage, to achieve the effect of fat burning, body massaging and relaxing. burn fat machine must turn on mode and intensity, using with 2 ems pads or 1 pair of gloves to make sure it works.
✿Fat remover machine has sonic mode, not only it can remove the stubborn fat and accelerate the circulation of the body, help you burn fat. But also make skin care product penetrate into skin, enhance skin elasticity, good for absorption nutrition.
✿Our weight loss massager of red light + sonic function, can be used with essence or gels to make fully absorb nutrients, let your skin become firming. Blue light + sonic function, can be used with toner or cream to repair your sk-in problems. Suitable for face, neck, body, legs.
✿Positive Ion can remove dirty for deep cleansing. Negative Ion make skin fully absorb.
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