Our Finest Hour (The Time Series) (Volume 1)

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April Fools day is the worst day to break up with someone. Can I just say that right now? 

Of course I went to a bar to forget my broken heart. Of course I agreed to have a drink with the tall, gorgeous, brown-eyed man with a smile to beat all others. He saw in me what I saw in his eyes too. We were both broken, and we were both needing something to soothe the pain. 

When he suggested we spend one hour together, forgetting the reason we went to the bar in the first place, I said yes. No last names exchanged, no personal information. Giving in to our instant attraction was just what I wanted, and knowing he would soon leave the country made it a simple choice.

But everything that happened after? None of that was simple. One hour together changed everything.    

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