Ovente Lighted Wall Mount Makeup Mirrors 7 Inch 1X 10X Magnification Circle LED Double Side 360 Degree Extending Control Folding Arm Battery Powered Shave Vanities Large Polished Chrome MFW70CH1X10X

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Ovente mirrors are built with a two – sided swivel magnified concave lens that is distortion-free, meaning it does not change the shape of the image. It’s Cool, White Tone LED allows you to get the closest to natural lighting. This allows for a brighter visual while enabling your view of every pore, wrinkle, blemish, and hair as clearly as possible. These features allow you to view yourself most accurately through its 7’’ spinning viewing space, precise 1x 10x magnification. Because of the magnifying lens, you must be about 4 inches away from the mirror to get the most accurate results and its unique internal wiring allows for a safe rotation at any angle.

We believe it’s important to reduce your carbon footprint, which is why we equip LED lights in many of our products. It is a popular feature for our customers because it saves money from energy bills while also reducing waste. LED lights do not contain toxins or mercury. Since LED lights last many years and thousands of hours (even when used all day long), you no longer need to worry about replacing light bulbs!

We strive to deliver a quality product to our customers. All of our wall mountable mirrors have an adjustable extendable arm that pulls forward at 180 degrees and lays flat against the wall when not in use. This creates a useful mechanism that is both convenient and keeps one more item off the countertop.

This mirror is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included) for a cordless and clutter-free environment. This looking glass is perfect for people who love convenience and a clean space. Ovente Wall Mount Mirrors have a classy, timeless design that flatters and enhances any room year after year. It can be used as a feature piece or to help makeover a room by hiding cracks, wall blemishes, holes, or other imperfections due its wall mounting capability. For all Feng Shui enthusiasts, Ovente mirrors are sure to bring an influx of positive energy to the area it’s in accrediting this to its sleek, luxurious look and easy to use features.

Ovente’s MFW Series Wall Mount Cosmetic Mirror is available in:
3 Deluxe Finishes: Antique Bronze, Nickel Brushed and Polished Chrome
2 Size Offers: 7 inch and 8.5 inch
2 Magnification Offers: 1x7x and 1x10x

Distortion Free View – Look 4.2 inches away or closer for a distortion free view. This means this mirror will not stretch or shrink in its reflection.
Cool Toned LED Ring Light – This mirror is equipped with a Cool Tone LED light which simulates natural lighting. With LED lights, there is no need to worry about replacing light bulbs because they will last the entire lifetime of the mirror.
Battery Operated – This mirror is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included).
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