GIMME Bands Best Hair Ties. Available in four styles and sizes, including Fitting and Starter Kit, Sold Separately. Gentle for any hair type with no slipping or snagging. (Balance)

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With the GIMME patented material design, experience that all day holds you look for in a hairband with the GIMME Bands No Break Hair Ties. Hundreds of microfibers are working together to retain elasticity without breaking, denting, or snagging. From thick to curly hair and everything in between, go about your day with ease knowing your hair will stay exactly where you put it all day long. The ultimate thick hairband to hold securely yet gently keeping locks healthy and beautiful without any pulling. Lab-tested to withstand over 70lbs of pressure surpassing the average 8lbs from a standard elastic hairband. Ideal for thick hair, high volume ponytail, curly hair, and exercise for no snagging secure hold, and no dents when hair tie is removed. This is the only hair tie you’ll need again – simply toss GIMME bands in the washer with your normal laundry load to shrink back to the original size and remove excess oil build-up to refresh and reuse any time! Various color options are available to fit your hair color and style.

STRONGEST & LONGEST HOLD: GIMME Bands can withstand up to 70 lbs. of pressure. Standard elastics break with an average of 8 lbs. of pressure. GIMME Bands provide all-day firm ponytails while preventing damage to hair. They have been tested and approved for strenuous activities such as HIIT workouts, half-marathons, extreme sports, and more.
STRONG YET GENTLE GRIP: The elastic in GIMME Bands is optimized for grip while providing the perfect balance between firmness and gentleness. GIMME Bands are well known for being not too strong, yet not too gentle.
HAIR PROTECTION: No snagging and easy to remove. GIMME Bands are intentionally thicker in diameter to prevent hair pulling with removal and adjustments, thus keeping your hair healthier.
MADE TO LAST: Simply toss your Gimme Bands in the washer and dryer to shrink them back to their original size. It also removes hair oils that build up in the band, helping your band feel fresh and new!
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