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Scientist Cement Anthill City Megalopolis
Did you come across an excerpt of this documentary recently on social media? Well, here’s the backstory behind this anthill excavation. It’s from “Ants! Natures Secret Power” and shows scientists excavating an anthill that was previously inhabited a colony of grass-cutter ants. A total of 10-tons of cement was pumped into the abandoned anthill over the span of 3-days, and a few more weeks were required to uncover the megalopolis. Read more for the video and additional information.

This once heavily populated anti city featured subterranean highways, paths and even gardens. However, this is probably something you won’t find in your backyard, as this one was found in Brazil and extended to approximately 26-feet below the surface. Each one of these tiny insects repeatedly carried loads of material, weighing far more than itself, a distance of what would be equal to just over half a mile in human terms, to build this megalopolis.

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